Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tim Burton's Book

While in Freemantle, we stepped into one of the bookshops and came across an illustrated book written by Tim Burton. It is called, The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy, a collection of short stories and poems.

Now, I have been exposed to Roald Dahl and recently read Coraline but I was NOT prepared for the story of the Oyster Boy. A couple gives birth to a baby boy who looks part oyster, part boy after they have seafood on their wedding night. The boy grows up and is ridiculed until he is in his teens. One day the father is informed that eating oysters can cure his sexual problems so he goes to his son's room that night and tells him to prepare for death. And proceeds to eat him. In a gist.

Other stories are just as macabre.

Grace, can I get the book for James and Cam?


Life On Planet Mum said...

I can get it here myself, thanks for the tip! Sounds just right up my alley. Merry Christmas and have a happy time eating lots of fresh oysters.

jo said...

hey, let me get it for you guys since i couldn't think of what to get you for christmas :)

Walk On said...

yer got picture some more!