Friday, April 08, 2011

Bags of Happiness

Glitz and Glamour. For the last two nights, I was busy with work as we were the official bank for the Pavilion Pit Stop Fashion Shows featuring Raoul and Vertu, Canali and Tumi (brands under the Valiram Group). 

I only brought my camera for the first night after which I decided it was still too heavy for me to carry around since I was running around getting things organized. So here are just two photos of the first night with Raoul:

This is Syafinaz, a local singer with a powerful voice as the performer for the evening. Then there was the fashion show.

There was a totally eye-catching backdrop for this, which is made of water. Technology from Korea. Amazing, right? I was so mesmerized by it that the models became the background. 

Anyway, after working 3 nights in a row (first night was for rehearsals until past midnight), I am completely wiped out, feet throbbing and just longing to go home and put my feet up. But just to share with you 3 little bags of happiness:

Starting from the bottom:
Bag 1: I created the bag. Not that it's anything fantastic but quite a lot of people commented how nice it looked. :)
Bag 2: This was a little surprise gift right after tonight's event. Hehehehe... I'm still grinning.
Bag 3: I wanted to con shu eumura to do my make up tonight but the lady just did a very quick basic one for me as I wasn't willing to spend any more money for a full make up do. I bought some stuff from them anyway.  

Aaah... little bags of happiness that made all the effort worthwhile!

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