Friday, April 22, 2011

Malaysian Comedy

So many things have been happening in the news. Really, if you want to laugh at something on a daily basis, just read about what is happening in Malaysia. From sending effeminate boys (and their definition is apparently quite amazing, it includes boys who help do house chores!) to boot camp to "toughen them up", to offering a "FREE" email account to every Malaysian aged 18 and above (but Garmen agencies sending out emails to us will be charged RM0.50 per email. Quick calculation, say 17mil Malaysians x RM0.50 = RM8.5mil for every email that is sent to us. And where would this money come from? Taxpayers!).

Then there's the PM who on one day thanks the Chinese for playing a vital part in Malaysia's economy, and the next day says to the Chinese, "If you don't vote MCA in the next election, you will no longer be represented", failing to understand that it matters not what skin colour but the heart and intentions beneath who we want to represent us.

Then there's our dear Deputy PM who is clearly trying to claim his stake and shaking the very mantra our PM is advocating. Not 1Malaysia but 1Melayu or 1Bumi, backing an extremist idiot who claims to be doing all this in the name of his religion.


Ron said...

I read about the boot camp thing and was flabbergasted! I mean, like who chooses the "effeminate" boys? Do they boys have to beat each other up to prove their manhood? Or taunt girls and jeer at them? And don't the parents of these so called "effeminate" boys have a say in them? Malaysia boleh!!!

jo said...

there was a lot of folks speaking up for this but the parents of these boys did not seem to mind. so what can we say? i didn't follow up as to what they did at the camp but they came back saying it was fun.

apparently, they're just nerdy looking guys so really, we don't know what the selection criteria is.