Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Survived!

One good thing about Groupon is that you get to buy stuff you never thought you'd buy and try. Well, when I signed up, there was this pole exercise class that was being offered for RM12 for an hour's class with Viva Vertical. I mean, why not for a mere RM12 for an experience to try to find out if it perhaps could be the form of exercise that I truly enjoyed?

So I got my colleague to agree going for this class with me. Let me tell you, this was my first ever Groupon I bought and this was way back in March. The Groupon expires in 3 days. Yup. Procrastinator.

Anyway, we finally went to their Desa Sri Hartamas studio for their Fit Pole class and thank goodness, there was only one other student there. A Venezuelan lady who looked extremely fit! The instructor was half my size so I felt really... large. Nevertheless, we excitedly waited for the class to begin.

I must tell you, I can somewhat count the number of times I've exercised in the last one year. On one finger - my badminton game some time last year. I was already winded by just the warming up exercises.

Pole dancing, or I'd rather refer to it as pole exercise, is an exercise that works your arm muscles as we had to hang on to the poles as we swirled around it. However, my grip kept either slipping or I was holding on too tightly to be able to swirl around properly. The instructor was very patient and encouraging though. And by the end of the hour, we had practised half a routine. With the music, though, I was more like running around the pole trying to catch up!

Would I do it again? I'm not too sure. While it is different and now my muscles feel pain (the good kinda pain like you know you've exercised them well), my body is too tense to be able to flow with the rhythm. This exercise needs strength, flexibility, grace and poise. A long way to go for someone like me!

In a way, I compare it to rock climbing where you also use the arm muscles but minus the finesse and grace required. My colleague enjoyed it though.

Go watch a sample on YouTube and you'll see that they're all just muscles. Amazing! Without the Groupon, walk-ins are charged RM50 for an hour's sample class.

I shall now crawl off to suffer for a few days with an aching body.

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