Sunday, July 24, 2011

So Sweet!

A couple of days ago, I bought a rather expensive slice of red velvet cake at lunch, hoping to consume it for tea at work. However, still full from a heavy lunch, I decided to bring it along to dinner and hopefully share it with my family.

That night, we went to a hawker shop to have dinner and had a filling meal. Upon reaching home, I realized I left my slice of cake at the shop and was thoroughly dismayed at my carelessness. My dad offered to follow me back and I drove there as quickly as I could. Sure enough, the people had cleared the table and threw away the box with the sliced cake, thinking it was rubbish.

I was quite sad, although I had mentally prepared myself that it would not be there.

Upon seeing my disappointment, my nephew Cameron came downstairs from his room, sneaked over to his wallet and handed me a RM5 note at an arm's length, saying he was sorry for my lost cake and the money was to help ease the sadness.

It was really so sweet of him and I really couldn't take his money of course. So I just thanked him and told him I really couldn't take the money from him. He then slowly went upstairs back to his room.

Shortly thereafter, my sister Grace came down and explained his conversation with her. He basically felt very bad for me losing my cake and wanted to give me RM10 but he only had a RM50 and a RM5 note in his wallet so Grace told him to just go ahead and offer the RM5. Then he expressed his concern, that he didn't want me to "manja" him for giving me the money i.e. hug and kiss him. So Grace assured him I'm not really the hugging and kissing kind of a person.

Hence his arm length stance when offering me the money.

So after our encounter, he went up and reported that I did not kiss or hug him. But then he felt rejected! Hahaha! So sweet!


Sorry, I meant to say he felt rejected for me not taking the money. O.o Now what was I supposed to do?


Life On Planet Mum said...

Actually he said he felt rejected that you did not take the money.

jo said...

hi ann! thanks for stopping by! :)

grace, yup, was editing this late last night (or rather, this morning) and didn't realize i didn't complete my last paragraph. noted: will not hug and kiss him unnecessarily. but will still not take his money.