Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mint Condition

There's this somewhat strange trend that is happening in my office that is linked to a growing stack of metal cases from a particular brand of mint called Eclipse. So far it is confined to one particular department within my office.

It began last year, when these two colleagues who frequently buys this mint started collecting the tins it came in. One of them resigned, let's call him A, and he passed this collection to his other colleague B. Shortly after, B resigned and passed it to C. C kept it for a while at her desk and not long after, she also resigned, bequeathing the collection to D.

To cut it short, the current owner is G (the 7th owner) and he also very recently tendered his resignation, moving on to greener pastures. Now, this all happened within 14 months and this department has a headcount of only 6.

As you can imagine, it is frustrating for the head of the department (who also changed 3 times now, but not part of the 7 involved in this collection) to keep finding replacements and for the rest of us to have our work disrupted while these changes take place.

So, in order to stop G from passing it on to his other colleagues in his team, I have firmly and sacrificially taken on the collection and do not intend to pass it on. Unless, of course, if anything unforeseen were to happen to my current employment status.


Life On Planet Mum said...

Is it made of metal? What the heck are you going to do with those empty cartons? Mum will have a field day!

Dason said...

great one! i shall re-visit them one day in future! lol