Saturday, March 31, 2012

Childhood "Chocolates"

Thanks for reminding me of this, Kelvin.

One day a long time ago when Jan started to learn how to crawl, we were all in my parents room in Alor Setar chatting while the evening sun was setting. I then noticed that Jan was missing from our sight so I got up to look for her. She was sitting quietly, tucked in a shadowed corner hidden beside my dad's table. I went up to her and was saying to her, "Why you sit so quietly in one corner by yourself?" when I noticed she was eating something.

Upon closer inspection, she was delightfully chewing on some chocolates (you know, those chocolate coated almond ovals you'd find from most chocolate brands). I exclaimed, "Wah! Where did you find chocolates and why didn't you share with us?" as I sat beside her and picked up one to pop into my mouth.

When it hit me. Wait a minute. How did chocolates get up here in the room. And why were they strewn on the floor. I carefully examined the piece I was about to bite into in the feeble lighting and realised what it was. Yes, they had fallen out of her nappies. I screamed and dropped it while she gave me a chocolately grin.

This one I managed to witness. Ron apparently took contents out of his training potty and did a face mask while Grace preferred the more exotic tastes of the body of a moth.

As I always maintain, I'm the normal one in my family.

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