Sunday, April 27, 2008


There are rumours that Bryan Adams and Scorpions are coming to perform in Malaysia/Singapore this year. Yeah, sure, they're big names but I'm fussy. Sarah Brightman and Celine Dion came and went.

I have never been to a concert so far in my life (wait, unless I count my free VIP ticket to Diana Krall at a Jazz Festival some years back. Back then, I was like, "Who?"). Waiting for that ideal concert to come is like... is like, having U2 come to perform here in South East Asia. Not in the near horizon.

So anyway, here's my list of concerts I'd like to attend:
1. U2 - as I have mentioned several times over this blog. A U2 concert would be my ultimate.
2. Michael Jackson - back in the 90s when he still could sing and perform. So I don't think this will ever happen unless I turn back the clock. I might substitute him with Janet at this juncture.
3. George Michael - A sit down concert, not a standing, full of screaming fans type. Watched some of his live performances on YouTube and had irritating people singing along. Hey, when I pay to hear George Michael, I want to actually hear him sing.
4. Josh Groban - Again, another sit down concert for the same reason as above.

Others whom I might consider: Andrea Bocelli, Laura Fygi (she came to Malaysia but I didn't know who she was then), Leona Lewis (just immersed myself with all her performances for The X Factor).

In the meantime, I'm enjoying all their work via recorded songs. Except U2, whom I prefer listening to their live performances rather than their albums. Makes my hair stand.


Kelvin said...

Josh Groban performs really well in concert and he's actually quite hilarious. Great sense of humour and a fantastic voice. The "screaming fan" concert that I really enjoyed was Bon Jovi. It was my first real rock concert and it's hard to turn back to anything else. The way I describe that experience is that the screaming started when he got on the stage and didn't stop until he got off. The energy level coming from that was just insane!

jo said...

which is what i'm looking for at a u2 concert! :)

oh, and i think bon jovi is also coming to malaysia but i'm not really a fan.

Kelvin said...

I wasn't a big bon jovi fan until recently. His new stuff is a bit softer and more meaningful.

Karen said...

I know what you mean about waiting for that one concert you really want to see...but I think we're pretty lucky here as we get quite a number of artist stop by and sometimes they play in smaller venues (which can be nice for the more soulful performances...and can be quite intimate)

For me...the best big venue concerts I've been to is Madonna and U2 and for small venues, Sarah McLachlan and Sinead O'Connor (back in the 90's...)