Friday, August 09, 2013

Switching From Apple to Samsung

It's been more than 3 years now since I got my first smartphone, my iPhone 3GS. Despite the many launches thereafter, I held on to my old faithful. Yes, I needed to charge it twice a day but since I am usually in the office, that's not a problem.

Then recently, iOS upgraded to a version which wasn't made available to my 3GS. The time would eventually come when my apps won't be able to be upgraded because it would need the new OS to do so. Preparing myself for that inevitability, I started looking for a replacement.

The search took some time, as usual, and I settled for the Samsung S4 LTE. Even though my new service provider doesn't have LTE yet, it's apparently more powerful than the S4.

So, what are the major differences so far?
When I first got my iPhone, I played with it so much that I had to keep charging the battery.
Now with this Samsung, is only to read email, whatsapp, twitter, sometimes check FB...

With my iPhone, I tried means and ways to change my ringtone to set my calls apart from everyone else's iPhone ringtone.
After 3 years, now that my Samsung allows me to personalize my ringtone, I find I have been dumbed down to accept the default.

iPhone has it's one and only keyboard.
Android? I've so far downloaded 3 keyboards to test. So confusing! Kii seems to be the one closest to the iPhone version so it's the most comfortable one for me so far.

iPhone has one main screen, with essential apps fixed at the bottom which I never bothered to change (I'm not sure if it can either).
Android has TWO screens, one for your frequently used apps, one for all your apps and even the fixed apps at the bottom can be changed! *headache*

I'm still struggling with the functions/settings after a week but I think I'm slowly getting there. So far, I'm loving the camera and response (of course, the latest iPhone would have a much better camera and response than my old one).

KS just said, "if you don't like it in 6 months, sell it off and buy the iPhone". I'm not giving up so soon -.- 

To Android users out there, do share with my your favourite apps to this newbie.

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Kelvin Kang said...

Hey Jo,

Here's a blog entry I wrote a year ago about the 5 apps I load every time I get a new Android phone. It's about a year old now but very much still what I load on all my Android devices.