Sunday, April 25, 2010

I’m Lovin’ It

I know, I know, the iPhone is not a new thing anymore and everyone has one. But still, it’s not a matter of it being so common (a friend refused to own one just because everyone does, how's that for anti-peer pressure?), it is how you enhance your life with it.

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It’s only been a few days and I have yet to do much damage to my 32G space. The battery drains a bit too fast for my liking but chill, it’s probably because I have the urge to touch it, do something on it, scroll for apps to download every hour.

Will it change me? I hope so. With so many applications to interact with people, I suddenly thought, hey, even with emails I hardly contact these people and here I am, thinking of downloading an apps that allows you to chat for free. And if I were to pay to download the apps, I’ll have to chat more, si boh? Hahaha… kiasu mentality at work.

So far, it has helped me with on-the-spot unit conversions, knowing that the weather in Washington is the same as Perth while Melbourne is surprisingly hot today. And of course, despite KS complaining of lack of sleep the night before from doing up some proposals, he was hard at work playing a game on it until past 1:30am this morning.

The service provider I just switched to is also doing just fine. And I’m glad there’s no capping to how much they will charge for data because I know I’m going to do loads pretty soon. Needless to say, I’m extremely happy with the swap.

(Just in case, for those who are supplementary lines from other providers who wish to switch while the principal line remains with the existing service provider, swap your phone line to a prepaid so that it is registered as your account under your name. That way you get to keep your phone number. I did it this way and it was free. Do bring along the principal line holder to the service center when making the switch.)

So, after all that decision making (do I need a new phone, which phone, what colour, what size, which service provider), I wasn’t expecting another one. What cover?? The many varieties Those making the covers are really milking this one, they are about 10 times more than the cover of my old phone! Got a medium priced one as a temporary measure to protect the white body.

Now I'm eager to download more free stuff to explore what this baby can do. Any games to recommend or other useful apps?


Grace said...

I bought a leather case for mine and it wouldn't work after that. apparently there is a sensor that senses your cheek pressed against it that turns off/on to hide the keypad as you are talking so that it doesn't suddenly go "beep!" as you press a number by accident. So my calls were suddenly cut off because the case confused the sensor.

My iphone is only protected by a plastic film on the front screen and the rest of it is naked. It is scratched like mad already.

Karen said...

Yeah, the battery probably drains because there are SO many things to do on it. With the baby, it's definitely useful to have as there are so many random things I can do while breastfeeding and other things...

People complain about the keyboard but I have to say I type just as fast, if not faster on it then I do my blackberry (which I was a pro texter back in the day)

YAY to you & your new iBaby!

Kelvin said...

Actually the battery drains because the screen is huge and all those pixels require a lot to power them up and the battery is quite tiny for such a large device. You can set some battery saving settings and it will help a little.

I agree with Karen. The keyboard is surprisingly good and I'm quite picky about my keyboard. Here are some thoughts on the iPhone if you're interested -

As for apps that are cool, really depends on what you're looking for. The few I can't live without are:

1. Newsie - it's integrated with Google Reader and it's how I keep up with blogs (including yours)
2. Soundhound - I like this better than Shazam because you can hum into this and it'll recognize tunes for you
3. Hootsuite for Twitter - use this mostly for my "water cooler" reading of Twitter
4. Tweetie - for my messaging for Twitter. I don't SMS any more. I mostly DM so this is great for that
5. BeeJive/Trillian/Meebo for Instant Messaging.

Those are the ones that come to mind.