Sunday, February 04, 2007

Clark Hatch

Today, we went to the gym again. My second time. This is fantastic! I'm going to a gym for the second time this year! Put it in my scrapbook ... anyways...

This time we went to Clark Hatch in Sheraton Subang. I prefer this place compared to the gym in Centre Point because it is smaller, with several angles so that you can do your lunges or stretching while hiding behind some pillar or an obscure corner. And
the shower room is so much nicer with a jacuzzi (not that I'd use it) but yeah, the place is great!

Perhaps it's also because there wasn't anyone there, only about 3 other guys. So I had the whole locker to myself. Bliss. The equipment were a little old but still functioning well.

Now to stuff myself with more food after the workout.

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