Saturday, February 03, 2007


Now with my new Sony Ericsson phone, I am allowed to use mp3s as my ringtones instead of the shrill polyphonic ones I used to have on my Nokia. Now, selecting the appropriate song for your ringtone is very imperative as it reveals an essence of your character to others who hear it, don't you think? I mean, I can so relate the Malay rock song my colleague uses to his character or another who has a typical Chinese love song that really matches the type of person she is.

Sometimes, the song selected is also meant to reflect the person who's calling. But I've already discussed that before.

Currently, my ringtone comes from a Stephen Chow movie as he tries to merge Shaolin Kung Fu with singing in Shaolin Soccer. Of course, he and his friend sings it horribly and makes it arguably the best part of the movie.

But that has been my ringtone since I got my phone in Nov. Now I'm itching to change it but haven't felt an affinity to any song as yet. Essentially, it needs to be loud enough so that I can hear it. I wish wish wish I recorded the gecko in Cambodia. That would have been unique! Am toying with the idea of Chariots of Fire but it's a crescendo which won't catch my attention soon enough.

So, what's your ring tone? Maybe I'll get inspired from there.


Grace said...

How about dragosta tin dei?
...numa numa numa ey....!

ron said...

I used to have "se-la-mat....hari raya" on my old one which was great when my phone rang in the LRT in KL...

Monster said...

You do realise that by having a gecko ring tone, you would so NOT have me near you and your phone.

I would love the opening tune of Command and Conquer: Red Alert but that is only because I have no social life and I like to blast things.