Saturday, February 10, 2007

Shovel Needed

One of the things that my senior pastor is well known for is his ability to remember his congregation's names. We have over 2500 people who attend and he greets almost every one by name as they step in every weekend. Visitors like my parents who only come once a while, he will also take the effort to remember and greet them by name.

Now, I have lived only three decades and being the unsociable person I am, by right I shouldn't have problems remembering those who have passed through my life, right?

Yesterday, I had lunch at a popular place and across the next table, this guy looked really familiar and he was staring at me. So I stared back while my gray matter was trying to match the image with whatever data stored in my mind. He nudged the person beside him and by golly, HE looked familiar too! We all stood up while I was still delving into chapters of my life when I said, "I know you were my ex-colleagues but I can't remember..."

"No, we were uni mates, remember? I'm So-and-so. You're Jo, right? How's KS?"

Lesson learned, always start off with a neutral sentence like, "You look really familiar!" or "Hey, how's your mother?"

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