Sunday, February 08, 2009

Ipoh Trip

Last weekend, KS and I went back to Ipoh to celebrate the Hokkien Chinese New Year. Since I was inspired by a photography newsletter which said, "Bring your camera along with you wherever you go", I thus took loads photos with the intention to blog.

Here's a typical trip along the highway from KL to Ipoh.
We passed at least 50 Zhulian signboards along each way. I have no idea what Zhulian is nor am I interested to find out. All I know is that they have a lot of money to be able to have signboards at almost every 5km along the entire PLUS highway.

Here we see beautiful hills being chipped away.

Upon reaching Ipoh, we were given KS aunt's room. She has this wooden layer on the bed that resembled mahjong chips.
It was surprisingly comfortable and extremely cooling even during the afternoon heat.

Okay, here comes the animals. We went to visit relatives at the temple and the place is a menagerie, teeming with dogs, cats and tortoise, living together. Yes, they ALL live together in perfect harmony. The cats and dogs are strays or abused whom people dump at the temple.

Some dogs think they're cats and some cats think they're dogs, like this one we call Elizabeth Taylor:

She sits by the door and although she can't bark, if she sees anything amiss, like an injured dog outside, she will promptly find her owner to duly inform her.

Then there's a really feminine dog whom is appropriately called Girly:
Her gracefulness captured my heart. She reminds me of the Simpsons dog.

This is Pearly, who is the only cat who hasn't overcome her fear after she was abused by her previous owner. She stays in the safety of her cage and hisses at anything that tries to get near. I have successfully touched her with her consent twice now. She has blue eyes, which unfortunately this picture doesn't give justice to:
And this is Jerry/Jelly (I can never tell for this name is informed to us by various Chinese people). She loves being carried.

The only interesting tortoise was this one who tried to climb up a brick and was stretching itself so hard I was afraid it'd pop out of its shell:


Grace said...

You are such a good writer, I really think you ought to do it more often and get some advertisers.

Ron said...

The animals all look so well cared for and clean - and so cute especially the cats!

jo said...

grace: one fine day...

ron: all the animals are very well looked after. there were many more which i didn't take photos of but they're all happy.

Mlle Monster said...

There used to be more colourful billboards in the past years, up north. My favourite one was on an overhead bridge that reminded you to "Jangan Lupa Makan Nanas". Hehehe.