Thursday, February 26, 2009


Be careful what you wish for. Not too long ago, I told KS in frustration that I'd rather just do operational work for reasons which I won't bother to reveal now.

Last Wednesday, operational work came seeking with a vengeance and I only had Sunday as my Sabbath, going home every night at almost 11pm. Hence, the silence on this blog. It is a mindless checking of details of which my poor colleague has to key in.

I took my camera to work on Saturday and took a picture of the amount of paperwork that has descended upon us. Each application takes about 7 to 10 minutes to print, check, key in, check, approve and send to Bank Negara. The amount we achieve in a day is pathetic, what with juggling our other tasks too.
We have now achieved three boxes of this paperwork as at today. But they still keep coming...

Anyway, I'm glad to say that the number of applications have tapered and we now are able to catch up with the amount that comes in on a daily basis.

Actually, there is quite a lot of funny learnings from this but I can't share it on the blog due to BAFIA (Banking and Financial Information Act, I think) which doesn't allow me to reveal stuff about my customers. Just that there are so many people with the name Ah Moy (in various spellings) when I was told it is a crude way of calling a girl these days.

And no, I don't really think I'd enjoy doing operational work if it involves work like this. My eyes are already protesting from the strain of reading various handwritings and badly photocopied ICs.


Grace said...

You poor thing, are you still at work at 1.22 am???

jo said...

mana ada 1.22am lah... the latest was 11pm plus. don't think my eyes can take up to past midnight and i am not inclined to find out.