Saturday, August 29, 2009

After A Long Break...

I'm still struggling to put up the post on our London and Paris trip as the loading of photos is a pain. After 5 days of being back, we're still wearing off the effects of jet lag which comes in spurts.

Anyway, I've successfully uploaded some photos on my Flickr.

For now, we've got to go collect Ang Ku from the vet. She was down with jaundice while we were away and Jan has been fantastic, helping us out in terms of taking care of her and sending her to the vet. Poor gal has been miserable and didn't bother to acknowlege us when we went to visit her.

She will have to be a permanant resident with us in the PJ house so no more roaming around the streets of Klang on her own.


Grace said...

Hey, where are your photos of Bono?

Wendy said...

eh...why all building pictures only? I can see that on google image leh

jo said...

my photos of bono weren't very clear, given that they were night shots. :( so i deem them not good enough to take up space on my flickr,

why all building shots? i prefer taking photos without humans, as mentioned previously