Saturday, August 01, 2009

Go Home!

For the first time in my working life, my office mates chased everyone out last Friday at exactly 5pm in an attempt to enforce some work-life balance.

My colleague and I, famous for staying long after most have gone home, were plotting on means and ways to sneak back into the office to complete more work. But after half an hour hiding in McD's for an ice cream, the weekend mood had sneaked in and we simply couldn't bring ourselves to start work all over again plus the fact that we were warned that names would be reported of those who stayed back.

Still, it was really great to go home early, spend time with Mum and Dad who just came back from Singapore. Having about two hours before dinner was, wow. Hopefully this exercise will be carried out every last Friday of the month as planned.

By the way, speaking of my office, there was another demonstration that went on again at my office area today. This was to abolish the ISA, an act which was supposed to be used to contain people who are perceived to be dangerous to the country. Of course, we all have witnessed extremely dangerous people who were a threat to the nation being put behind bars of late, with an undefined time of when they would be released.

Gosh, will I be arrested under ISA for saying that?

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