Sunday, August 02, 2009

Bon Voyage!

Today Grace and family migrates to Washington DC, USA. I am excited for her, Matt and the boys. The opportunities they’re going to have! Everything we’ve seen and grown up on American TV will be made real! Hahaha… just like how KS felt and connected when we went to Hong Kong.

Matt and Grace have been migrating from country to country since they got married in over 15 years but this will be the first time they’re shifting with the boys. They’ve been prepared the boys well enough though.

James wants to learn how to make rockets (the kind that really launches) and they apparently have a Rocket Club he can join. The mere thought of joining a Rocket Club is simply something we never thought about, growing up in Alor Setar. We didn't even have a Rock Club, heck, did we even have any community club to begin with?

Sure, we’re going to miss them, not being able to just hop on a bus or train to get to them in less than a day. We’re going to miss all the zany things the boys come up with and amuse us with. We’re going to miss the laksa, prawn noodles, hokkien mee binging we always go through when Grace is around.

I know while my parents are sad, they’re also glad for them to have this opportunity for greener pastures. Mum even asked me recently if I would think about migrating too!

So Matt & Grace, yes, we are sad that you’re moving so far away, but we’re happy for you. Plus it gives us an excuse to come visit America one day!

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grace said...

I am sad and missing home but the boys are having a blast even though they are not doing much. There are some wild ducks behind our home and they go to the pond to feed them every single day. There is a creek, which is so clean that you can see the bottom of it. Come on over when you can.