Saturday, November 14, 2009

Moving On Yet AGAIN!

I’m starting a new job again, back to cards. It’s been a horrendously short span of time but the year passed painfully because I'd prefer make people spend money, rather than save. Well, almost.

While I will miss the team and the company with it’s many benefits:
• flexi hours (I come in at 9:30am!)
• free coffee/Milo & biscuits,
• Cisco IP phones (only a handful of companies use these, I swear!),
• forcing everyone to go home early on Fridays,
• Facebook connection,
• trainings on self-improvement, which is quite practical although I dragged my feet for some , (actually, one of these trainings helped me make my decision to leave)
• fantastic brand new office with a view over the KL city skyline

St Paul's Church

The old train station

KL Tower & KLCC
The famous Masjid Jamek junction where two rivers meet

Pre-war shophouses

Dataran Merdeka

And the location:
• next to a major LRT stop,
• near my favourite book rental shop,
• many wholesalers where I get my 10 large packs of Cheezels/Twisties,
• Central Market with its quirky offerings
• KS drops me off at work so I don’t drive

If anyone wants to work in my current place, I would say this is the best company to work for as they really take care of the employees. So why am I leaving???

I look forward going back into more familiar territory. I miss the friends in the industry and want to (hopefully!) slip back into my old skin.

So now I have 2 weeks off before I start. Hmm… what am I going to do besides meeting friends, running around for the house matters, watching Lord of The Rings trilogy (my annual must-do dosage), baking, FaceBook-ing, going to Melaka… okay, okay, that sounds like a pretty long list to keep me occupied.


Grace said...

You forgot to mention about your new place!!!

jo said...

wait lah. haven't even set foot at that area...

Wendy said...

Wild guess : Is Peter pinching you to UOB??? :P