Sunday, November 15, 2009

For Pork Lovers

If you love pork, then here's a recommendation, a little place to eat called Sanbanto in SS2, Petaling Jaya. It's along the same row as KTZ, if you're familiar. They don't have many seats, the menu is limited, it's slightly on the pricey side (RM12-15 for a burger, RM38 for ribs). BUT! It is so yummy!

Check out this bacon with pork patty burger. I had a bite of it and it tasted sooo good. This is one of the Chef's Recommendations.

Seen here is another Chef's Recommendation, the pork ribs. It had generous amounts of meat and fat, which gave a melt-in-your-mouth texture, bursting with BBQ sauce and slides off the bones quite easily.

The only other comparable ribs I've had was more than 10 years ago in NZ. That one, we had bibs to help protect our clothes as we gnawed the flesh off the bones. Felt quite primitive holding the 14"-16" bone with two hands, sauce smeared all over your face, all dignity out of the window as your hunger desperately made you rip and chew what little meat there was clinging to the rib. So yeah, in terms of better ribs, I'd recommend this one. Plus you don't have to go all the way to NZ for the other.

Anyway, Sanbanto says they serve English Roast in wine on weekends. Sounds mouth-watering!


grace said...

I remember those ribs in NZ. Coincidentally we also had baby ribs (James and Cam had half a rack of ribs each) at Ruby Tuesday's, an American franchise. It was smoked BBQ. Absolute yum. Next time when you come here, I will bring you here.

Ron said...

ish banyak babi lah - pui kah beh si! Pork is probably my least favourite meat and ribs can get annoying to eat with the all the bones and the flesh gets stuck in between my teeth!

jo said...

ah, but there's only like 30% of the meat which gets stuck in between the teeth for this one. most of it was really tender meat.