Tuesday, November 02, 2010

After 18 Years

I seriously think it has been18 years since I last picked up a badminton racquet. I think it was during an interschool tournament when I played doubles and was walloped nicely by the Chinese school. I remember telling myself I would never touch a badminton racquet ever again if we didn’t score a single point after getting a zero for the first game. We got 5 points in the next game but I somehow never did play after that.

So when my colleagues started playing weekly at a nearby court, they sounded like they were having fun and were trying to encourage more people to join them. And since it so happened KS was having a conference call at night and my parents are still in Alor Setar, I didn’t have anyone to eat with for dinner. Yes, I find it absolutely miserable to eat on my own and would resort to eating biscuits or chocolate (you can tell my fridge isn’t very well stocked). Here's an example of what I had the other night when I had to eat alone, ice cream on bread.

Rummaging through my winter clothes for my track pants, I managed to find one that still fit, although somewhat snugly, I headed to the court. I reckoned it would be like riding a bicycle, just naturally knowing how to play all over again. This was proven very wrong within the first few minutes of warming up. I couldn’t gauge where the shuttlecock was going to fall (I blame it on the glaring lights which were badly positioned) and the handle of my racquet kept digging into my wrist with every other stroke resulting in a painful blue-black now. My poor colleagues endured defeats for the night when they partnered me.

Still, it WAS fun and I somehow feel a bit more energized. Will this become a weekly thing now? I dare not say but I would like it to be.

Now, to ease my aching and creaking body into bed. Good night!


Ron said...

That bread smeared with ice-cream looks disgusting! Can't you eat anything healthier? :)

jo said...

hehehe... i just quickly put them together for a quick snack. haven't you eaten bread with ice cream?? it's nice!