Friday, November 05, 2010

So Malu

Recently, I spoke to one of the youths in church and KS told me likes to bake. I thought to perhaps invite her over to have a baking session one day when I stumbled upon her blog.

Oh. My. Gosh. This savvy 19 year old has a business selling her cupcakes, holds classes on cupcake decorating. Her creations are so cute! They’re beautifully and meticulously done! My colleague’s friend had her wedding cupcakes done by her! KS’s ex-colleague attended one of her classes!

When I compare my amateur attempts at baking, I want to die of shame. I’ve been posting up photos of my baking, even simple pancakes! For me, stepping into the kitchen besides taking water and cooking the occasional instant noodles is already an adventure. Hence my excitement in sharing photos of my attempts in this blog.

Anyway, I reckoned this is my journey and this is how I am progressing in my baking, albeit slowly though (it’s taken me more than 5 years to now move on from butter cakes to trying different recipes now). Hence, I shall continue to post up pictures whenever I see fit, although the frequency would be very much less from now unless I graduate to something different soon.

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