Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So I am looking for my Canon Powershot S3IS replacement. And it has to be soon since my Perth trip is less than a month away. I've kind of zoomed in on the Canon G11 or G12 since it has the swivel screen bit (oh, that's so technical!).

Anyway, I just checked around and was offered the G12 at an unbeatable price so I am thinking, yeah, this could be IT! I have yet to see it and play with it physically, which I plan to do this coming public holiday. And since I'm so excited about it that I'm willing to eat egg sandwiches every day to save up for it, I thought I'd just Google and see what new reviews have popped up since I started researching since last week.

I came across this site and thought, hey, they have a video review! Now I can just watch instead of read all about it!
However, after watching it, I don't understand 75% of what he's talking. Eeep! I feel like a Point & Shooter but a Prosumer Wannabe! I don't think I'd be using most of the functions of this sophisticated camera! But heck, who has used even 50% of the functions of their phones, computers, gadgets (the only person I guess would is my cousin Kelvin Kang)?

Ok, still gonna test it out this Wednesday. And compare to the Nikon P7000.

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