Friday, January 21, 2011

Eric's Wedding

Last weekend, KS and I went back to Melaka for Eric's wedding. Yes, THAT Eric from the Believe-It-Or-Not stories labeled under Eric's Misadventures. When I told my colleagues and friends, they all go, "Oh THAT Eric!". Again, for those who had yet to be introduced to his fables, the tales were told again. Eric, you're a legend.

Anyway, he pre-warned us it would be rather Chinese. However, when we arrived, the dinner was held at a lovely Nyonya restaurant with a very cozy Peranakan deco so there wasn't much trace of overly Chinese nuances. 

The backdrop was designed by the bride, Rachael and it looked really lovely!

The cake was specially made by Coffee Bean, her ex-employer. It had a really cute figurine on top of them facing the same cake.

The many candles glowing all over the place and unique wedding favours were also done by the bride. Colourful jelly beans! So sweet!

There were hired professionals who sang classic Chinese songs throughout the night. Of course, a stage + mic + karaoke lyrics available = the perfect lure for enthusiastic relatives. That was the extend of having a very Chinese wedding as far as I know. 

Until we had a surprise guest. One of the singers doubled up as the God of Prosperity and handed out gold chocolate coins and an ang pow with a lottery ticket from his huge gold nugget bowl! Eric, he took the cake! Sadly, I don't think any guest won the lottery that night.

At the end, we waited until the groom was available to snap a shot. Old pals meeting again. And my first photo of Eric on my blog. He's the one in white with the flush from many yam sengs, just in case.

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