Monday, January 03, 2011

Watching Planet Earth

It's been a very long time since KS and I watched loads of DVD. While we had a small 15" (or was it 12") TV in Klang and a DVD player, we were hardly home long enough to watch many shows.

Then we stayed in Sea Park where we didn't have a DVD player and the only shows we'd watch is the occasional drama series, which I can't even recall any now. It was that infrequent.

Anyway, we now have set up our significantly bigger TV (a whopping 32"! Hahaha, that IS an upgrade from our small TV) and paired it with a blu-ray DVD player. KS colleagues lent us a few blu-ray discs to "test" our new ensemble. One of the highlights of the stash of blu-rays is this one, Planet Earth. A six-disc documentary on, well, earth.

Picture taken from
It's amazing to see how the earth is strung on a delicate balance, the types of creatures which live in the extreme-st of conditions. It reminds me of what a great and creative Creator we have. It also scares me to think of how we humans do not know how to cherish this earth and have caused a tipping of the balance.

We've had a few friends over to watch a couple of episodes and we intend to have them over frequently until we finish the series. I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars only because I prefer animal documentaries. Still, I'd highly recommend it!

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