Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winning Contests

A few people seem to think we've been very lucky in winning contests. To me, my biggest win was my trip to London to watch U2 last year but here are the other prizes we have won:

1. Mix FM Contest, 2002:
I was the first caller through for the "chosen song" of the day, Josh Groban's To Where You Are and I won RM2,000 cash. Which promptly went to fix my rusting car.
Photo taken off the web

2. AirAsia U2 Contest, 2009:
Well, I've already blogged about this one extensively.

3. OCBC Staff Credit Card contest, 2009:
One of the top 500 (?) frequent swipes on the credit card and I won the AstroMax, a recorder so that Mum could watch her Korean dramas at her convenience. One of my colleagues didn't even realize he won while I had my card swiped at every opportunity, up to 6 times in a weekend just to get this prize! Thus, peace settled in my parents house.
Photo take off the web

4. Esso Smiles Contest, 2010:
We pump Esso petrol and KS uses the Smiles loyalty card to earn points. There was a contest and KS won a Nokia handphone. He had his picture in the papers in their ad as well as their posters all over the Esso stations.

Photo take off the web

5. JetStar's Be A Star On Australia Day
Mardi, Yen's Aussie Mum, spotted this contest and forwarded it to Yen. We submitted this star jumping shot of Yen and Jan and were one of the 150 winners of AUD300 of JetStar vouchers.

The winning photos will published in some Australian papers on Australia Day. The website has a gallery of what others have submitted and I don't know how they make their selection because there were so many good ones! Anyway, it will certainly help Yen when she travels next with JetStar!

I guess lining up all the prizes we've won so far, we could say we've been pretty blessed! Especially some prizes have been pretty big ones! Of course there were those which we didn't win but in order to stand a chance in the first place, do join contests when you see something that interests you.

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