Friday, January 07, 2011

Furry Toys Tours

In the movie Amelie, in an effort to get her father to travel the world, she abducts her father’s garden gnome without him knowing and sends it off with her air stewardess friend. Her father then periodically receives photos of the gnome posing in front of famous monuments. When the gnome finally makes it home, he is inspired to go see the world himself.

Taken off the internet
There’s this French guy who was inspired by this idea and created a very specialized tour. Send your soft toys to him and he will take them to famous Paris landmarks and take photos of the toy there! I’m so tickled that there is a market for this and it’s really cute to see the photos.

Here are some photos taken off their website:

I reckon I can do the same for KL landmarks and local food! Anyone interested? :)

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Mlle Monster said...

OMG, if i send my bear, my frog,dog,donkey and husband will be very the jealous.