Sunday, May 13, 2007

Negotiation Skills

Back in Uni, I took this Negotiations as one of my subjects. I had hoped it would help improve my negotiation skills but unfortunately, being someone who learns on the job, all the theories melted as soon as I heard it.

Yesterday, I saw one of the best negotiation skills being displayed. I went shopping with my friend who cajoled and negotiated her way through everything. Although only one relented from giving her 3 free sausages instead of just 1 as she was entitled, it was done so that the salesperson did not do it begrudgingly. I must say towards the end, I felt slightly embarrassed but also felt that hey, sometimes if you don't ask, you'd never get it.

So today I went to buy some blank DVDs and CDs in Section 14. I picked up 100 CDs, 55 DVDs and 100 sleeves and tried my hand at bargaining. The guy assured me he was giving me original Imation CDs and DVDs, which was his "gift" to me. I don't know whether I was conned but he said there are fake Imation CDs out there and showed me how to spot the fakes (apparently, the original has some serial numbers embossed around the transparent centre of the disk).

In the end, he gave me a pen to write on CDs and two normal pens. The CD pen would be useful and besides, I'm happy I got something!

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