Friday, May 04, 2007

Press Talk

Yesterday at work, we had a launch lunch and I had to sit with some reporters. Although there were a couple of my colleagues who were from the Corporate Communications department, the chitchat amongst the reporters were left largely to myself and my colleague. And we had fun! These reporters are so down to earth and dressed casually.

One of them gave me a couple of magazines which she wrote for and now that I’m just waiting around for KS to finish up his work before we head to Spidey 3, I flipped through it and experienced a tinge of melancholy. I do miss my days in Comms, when we used to get loads of magazines and flipping through each was considered WORK and the opportunity to speak to reporters were too many.

You pick up many interesting and cutting edge products being introduced into the market, which you would otherwise have not noticed. And it’s not like I’d go out there and buy all the magazines off the rack since only several pages are really useful info.

Okay, my wait continues…

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