Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Red Bean Bane

I have always thought boiling red bean tong sui or barley with fu chok was a simple matter. After all, one only needs to put in the beans, add water and boil until the beans almost disintegrate. Thereafter, simply add sugar for taste. Voila!

But no, this is my 3rd attempt at boiling red bean and I have completely ruined it again. First time was too much beans, second time there wasn't enough, now I thought of adding sago and now it's turned out to be a jelly red bean concoction. Then there was my attempt at barley fu chok a month back, which had so much ingredients I could make 2.5 large stock pots of it. I haven't look at barley since then.

Dang! Looks like I have to find it on the internet what is the correct way to do these things.

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