Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cambodian Sponsorships

A couple of weeks ago, I sponsored a Cambodian by the name of Moeun Sam via Kiva.org. Not that I’m earning much but then again, this micro financing starts from USD25 which is something I felt I could afford in order to help someone in Cambodia improve their livelihood. Once this loan is repaid, I can loan it out again to another person who needs the financing.

Kiva is quite amazing. I go in occasionally to see what businesses people are trying to start up in some remote places of the world. And usually, I see the loans being raised within 24 hours. It is just amazing!

It also reminds me of the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr. Muhammad Yunus
who invented micro-finance and it’s just heart warming to read about the changes he has made.

This brings my sponsorship up to two, my first being a Cambodian child, whom I have been supporting for 3 years now via my church. I haven’t written to him because... because I don’t know what to write! When I went to Cambodia, I wasn’t assigned to visit his village so I didn’t get to see him then.

It’s heartening to know that when I share this with others, they are also interested to do the same. It isn’t much but just know it will make a difference to the recipient.

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