Thursday, March 13, 2008

Korean Town

Recently, KS and I explored the little area in Ampang brimming with Korean culture. Every single shop was Korean. Mainly food and groceries. Walking along the shops made me feel as though I’m in another country with the posters, notices and folks speaking in Korean. Even the shops had a different feel to it and reminded me of the Korean shops in Australia/NZ.

Not knowing which diner to try, we walked along the rows of shoplots and settled for one that had a Korean lady open the door to beckon us in. It was a Korean BBQ restaurant. We looked at the menu and looked again. Everything was unfamiliar! Where was my Bulgogi? We finally ordered and were suddenly besieged with small plates of kimchi and other pickled stuff.

They cooked our meat while we sat not knowing exactly how we were supposed to consume the food. Is the lettuce supposed to envelope the meat and the sauce is for the meat? After about 15 minutes, we gave up and just ate as we saw fit. After all, it would all go into the same stomach.

Surprisingly it was inexpensive and we were very full. And because I loved kimchi (note the past tense), I bought a kilo of the stuff from one of the groceries. After the meal, I’m kind of kimchi-ed out. Now I have a large tub and a small one sitting in the fridge. Oh well, when I asked the lady at the counter how long it will last, she just replied, “A long time”. That is so helpful. Now my tub is going to sit there for the next 6 months unless I consciously remind myself that it’s there.

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