Tuesday, March 18, 2008


The internet is a real source of interesting (and often unimportant!) information.

Last week I learned about this creature called the lampreys which look absolutely horrible. They sound like large leeches with teeth that look like they inspired a lot of sci-fi movies (think Star Wars Episode 5 with Jabba and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest with The Cracken).

They are considered pests and are growing in numbers in America where they kill trout, salmon and whitefish. Anyway, the Portuguese eat them so the Americans are trying to eat them too but find it too gross. I reckon I’d be too grossed out to eat it as well.

One chef described trying to kill it as terrible and warned all squeamish cooks to avoid this. Something about chopping the head off but it still squirms around. Sounds like some people I know.

So anyways, the Americans are trying to find means and ways to reduce the population of this creature. Maybe they should slap a sticker on them that says it increases libido when eaten and send them to China.


Monster said...


Lord Winterisle of Keswick said...

Yummy! Fully edible throughout Europe. About 200-300 years ago considered - with the exception of England where it was always a royal dish - to meal of the poor, it gradually raised its reputation (and lowered its number), until - roughly 100-50 years ago - sea lamprey became considered a rare delicacy. Now unfortunately, this tasty fish has been a protected species in the Old Continent because of being close to extinction. What a pity!

jo said...

that's interesting! but it seems to have appeared quite often recently in america as i remembered reading about its appearance again fairly recently.

so if i were to become adventurous enough to sample some, i guess america would be it instead of europe?