Sunday, March 23, 2008


Was inspired to cook something healthy last Sunday and ended up baking two salmon steaks with boiled broccoli and carrots. Got the recipe off and despite the non-aromatic smells as I massaged the herbs into the fish, it was more than passable!

Here’s a picture of it and as you can see, I was too lazy to scoop it out of the foil and saved us from additional washing!

What I like about ang moh cooking is that I can buy the dried herbs, keep the herbs on the shelf and not worry about it growing fungus like light soy sauce, oyster sauce and even cooking oil. I’ve had my second full bottle of oil go stale because it expired before I used even a bit of it. Plus, it is so much easier to prepare as compared to Chinese food! And I eat ang moh vege, not Chinese leafy ones.

So it looks like I will be doing this again. This time with a smaller cut of the fish as we ate and ate until we got so sick trying to finish it up.

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