Sunday, March 01, 2009

Scientific Management (Taylorism)

I’ve been trying to put my finger on the correct term for an OCD that I have. Okay, maybe not an OCD but I'm a little more obsessed about it than the average person out there. I like seeing how I can do repetitive things efficiently such as:

1. Upon entering a lift, I will press the “Close Door” button first before pressing the floor level.
2. Whenever possible, I will multitask so as to shorten the time taken to do both tasks. This is also a possible reason why my computer always crashes as I usually have more than 8 windows open at once.
3. I will gently swing one side of the gate so that by the time I bring the other side of the gate to a close, the other side meets me in the centre.
4. Do a ten second countdown for every garment as I get dressed so that I'm focussed and faster.

Unfortunately, I tend to impose suggest these things to KS too often and he gets very ah, irritated, such as when I suggest the fastest lane to queue up at the toll.

And I have a strange interest on factories, especially the processes, in seeing the millions of thingamajig it produces in a specific timeline. How a process is designed so as to make production more efficient fascinates me.

Engineering? Operations? Geek?

So this week, while still doing my operational work, my colleague leaned over and introduced me this word “therblig”.

I excitedly shared with my colleague that if I could comb my hair and wear my shoes at the same time, I would. His response was to burst out laughing, "No wonder your hair is always so messy!". Gee, thanks.

From there, I discovered the word "Science Management" which excited the heck out of me. Yeah, I learned about stuff like TQM (Total Quality Management) back in school but never realized I have been practising it in my daily routine!

Fascinating. Now I can go study a Taylorism degree (if there’s such a thing) and make everyone around me into robots. Or conquer the world. Muahahahaha.

Ho hum. Back to my cow work.

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