Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Gila Over Korean Drama

Sorry for my silence. I’ve been addicted to this Korean drama series my Mum was watching and dragged me along as a fan. But because I haven’t been following it as dedicatedly as she was, I missed quite a fair bit of episodes.

And ALL the episodes are available on the internet. Hence, the minute I reach home it’s been the Korean drama until I go to sleep. The funny thing is, this series is based upon a Japanese manga which was popularized by the Taiwanese when they first made it into a series called Meteor Garden a decade ago. The four main guys were called F4 for Flower 4 which I scoffed and laughed at for having such a sissy name with equally sissy looking boys.

Alas, the Korean version features fairly sissy looking guys too plus the name of the series is so ridiculous – Boys Over Flowers. BUT! I’m SO obsessed with the darn series it’s scary. I just happen to find it funny and romantic in a strange way. Oh well, I won’t go on and try to justify this.


Grace said...

The Singapore papers did a feature on this last week. Apparently it was also made in Japan and the cast equally as delicious! The Korean men look the worst of the lot, what's this with his permed hair?
I am so happy you can get it on you tube! I am going to watch it too, yay!

jo said...

it's not on youtube. go look for it on under boys before flowers.

permed hair is because his character has curly hair. i think only one of the 4 doesn't look so good, the one on the left-most.