Saturday, April 11, 2009

Short Trip South

Two weekends ago, we headed to Port Dickson as KS had to deliver a session for the Youth at a weekend camp. So while he was hard at work, I took a stroll around the Methodist Centre (alamak, I don't remember the name of the place already!).

There was a beach nearby, with burnt orange sands with large pieces of broken shells. You'd have to wear sandals on this beach and the edges of each wave was tinged with some black substance. Not your typical idyllic white soft sandy beach at a resort. Still, it was refreshing to hear the waves.

Then, the place also held a small chapel, which could fit perhaps 20 people at max? It's a very old place. I thought it looked so quaint standing there on its own.

We were only there for a day and so we drove back to Melaka that night using the trunk road. With only a short distance, it still took us a good two hours to reach Melaka when it normally takes two hours from KL to Melaka! I remember it used to take Dad four hours to reach Melaka from KL when there wasn't the highway. Boy am I glad for the highways!

Yen, my sis-in-law had also just touched down from Perth and guess what she surprised me with? Hot Cross Buns! Bless her! They were yummy!

We also were worried over Maple, on how she was taking her sister's sudden death. She's now allowed inside the house, sleeping in the rooms and was very distracted with suddenly having so many people in the house.

Yen bought her several new toys to play with but the only one she kept by her side at all times was a squeaking red ball which belongs to Datin, the golden retriever who has already shifted from Perth to Singapore.

I played a little hide and seek with the ball and she went berserk trying to look for it! It was so funny as she sniffed every corner, stood on her hind legs to look on table surfaces for the ball.
She refused to go anywhere without this ball. Even as she slept, it had to be somewhere within her sight as she kept peeking at it until she fell asleep. So cute.

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Grace said...

I love the little ol building!