Sunday, April 19, 2009

Specky Kids

I was at an optometrist yesterday looking for a pair of sunglasses for my upcoming Bali trip when a family walked in. They had come to collect spectacles for their two girls who looked barely 10 years old.

My youngest nephew who is also below 10 years old is already sporting a pair and my good friend's eldest child who is not even 5 years old is also wearing one.

Although I was the oldest to wear specs amongst my siblings (they all wore specs starting from primary school while I was in secondary when I first wore mine), I don't remember seeing so many children during that time wearing specs like it is now.

I am just wondering, is it because kids nowadays are exposed to unhealthy eye habits such as TV and computers?

Anyway, on my hunting for a pair of sunglasses, I realised a few changes that is required to wear sunglasses:
1. I can't wear my specs (obviously) so I have to get prescription sunglasses. But that means, the frame will look like a normal pair of glasses.
2. So okay, I won't get prescription sunglasses. I can see without my specs, after all... I swear. Or I need to get contact lenses. Sheesh.
3. Design: my face is wide and flat, I need nose pads, hence no plastic frames. I was drawn to a metal one that looked like this:

but KS said he'd prefer me to wear something like this to cover more of my face.

I dunno. I just don't want my Bali photos to turn out to be a reference to those "Fashion back then" like we used to laugh at my parents old photos and geeky specs.

Perhaps it's best to stick to safe designs.

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