Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oo... Looky Here...

As a corporation:
1. How would you attract me to join your corporate Facebook site?

2. How would you keep me interested for the next couple of weeks, that I'd keep coming back every few days to check out what's new?

3. How do you ensure I watch your latest advertisement over and over and over?

4. Get me to look at all your postings on the Facebook site?

5. And get me to scour your official website to look at sites I've never even visited?

6. And you want me to shamelessly blog about it?


I have no clue to what the first clue is about: A light symphony, when and where does it flicker?


Siew Kheng said...

HEY! I resent the last line in the last para. Not all noisy people are short. There are quite a number of big people who are noisy too. Anyways, everything happens for a reason & well, short people needs an alternative to make their presence known/heard/felt.
I rest my case ;)

jo said...

blur lah you... this was in response to my comment about short people being noisy in my other blogpost on u2.