Saturday, June 13, 2009

Beheaded Piglet

Recently at a friend’s wedding, we were served roasted piglet as one of the dishes. However, just as we were tucking in, the speeches started. So everyone stopped eating while listening to the touching speeches made by the respective fathers.

By the time tears were shed (yes okay, I did), we were served with our next dish. Since the piglet occupied a rather large dish, KS suggested to the waitress to transfer the unfinished pieces onto a smaller plate.

A few minutes later, the staff returned. She had bagged up the piglet into a conspicuous pink transparent plastic bag! She proceeded to plonk it on KS’ side of the table, leaving everyone at the table thinking he had asked to doggie bag it home! What was more hilarious was that she even packed the head which was slightly visible through the oily bag!

Despite our repeated explanation to our fellow table mates on the miscommunication, they had flickers of disbelief cross their expressions. Just kidding. They laughed it off with us and encouraged us to really take it home.

So it was one of our strangest doggie bags content so far. KS attempted to hide it as we went to say our goodbyes but we simply couldn’t hide it anywhere so he opted for the “nothing-to-see-here” casual attitude which, I think, worked.

Later, I was told that the restaurant also presented the bride with the remaining piglet heads from all the tables. This must be some strange Chinese custom.

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