Monday, June 15, 2009

Dad & The Breadmaker

I recently stumbled upon ready mixed wholemeal bread flour at a shop selling baking goods and purchased it on impulse. My poor breadmaker hasn’t seen light for many years now so it was a good excuse to get its’ clockwork working again.

Since only my parents have time to eat bread in the mornings, I brought along my breadmaker to their house and encouraged Mum to bake it. Unfortunately, for a first timer, the instructions were too complicated for her. Instead, she relinquished the responsibility to Dad who took an hour just to read the breadmaker instructions and who didn’t know where all the other ingredients Mum had stored. I laughed so hard at the dilemma he was facing.

So anyway, last Sunday evening, I stayed over and made the bread. After I measured and placed all the ingredients into the tin, I called Dad to see if he wanted to know how to operate the breadmaker. I could tell that he was most interested in it because he actually abandoned the Federer vs Soderling match to watch me press the relevant buttons!

It was so funny, he was just so excited about baking bread, citing his hope that the bread would be nice before going to bed. My parents ate half the loaf the next day (I didn’t even have time to snap a shot of it!) so I can safely say it was a hit. Will certainly do this again and take photos next time.

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grace said...

how cute! mum and Dad are leaving Singapore today.