Sunday, June 28, 2009

Poor Man

Still on MJ (watched his concert last night on 8TV) and was trying to take note of his signature looks and moves. I gave up trying to keep count. There will be no other.

Anyway, I was remembering the first time I got to know who he was. I was about 4-5 years, staying in this rented place in Alor Setar which we just shifted into. My family was gathered in front of the TV watching Billie Jean. The glowing steps he took fascinated me and the part where he flipped his coin into this begger's folornly resting cup and made him all aglow made me comment:

"Mum, this Michael Jackson must be so poor. He only has 10 sen to give this begger!"

Everyone laughed and Mum said, "Oh no, he is a very rich man. See how successful he is?"

How ironic that he had to chalk up so much debt after that.

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