Friday, June 12, 2009

What’s Your Favorite Photography Destination?

Got this question on my weekly digital photography newsletter today.

I've been to just a handful of places but I must say out of all the places, South Island NZ is still the best place for photography for me. Just snap. You gotta have special talent to take bad shots in NZ. My favourite photos are still my NZ ones even though it was taken with a humble Nikon Coolpix 4.0 megapixel.

Azure skies, crystal clear streams, turquoise lakes, crisp air, snow capped mountains... Absolutely breathtaking!

I'm so looking forward to what London and Paris can offer! This will be rather different from my usual shots as they should be mainly on man-made structures instead of nature.

So what's yours?


Wendy said...

On your way walking to Eiffel Tower (you're going there right?), there's this straight pavement with colourful leaves all over and flying from the trees too (if it's autumn la). Must take this picture! I didn't have a camera the last time I went there....sigh.....Now dunno when I can take a picture of that again.

Mlle Monster said...

Venice because its so surreal. Then Barcelona for the architecture.