Monday, July 27, 2009

We Mourn

Yasmin Ahmad. Died exactly one month after Michael Jackson, one year older than him, both with heart failures. While he was famous worldwide, Yasmin herself carved a name as one of the most critically acclaimed directors in Malaysia.

Her work has been enjoyed by Malaysians and Singaporeans. She directed advertisements that made us laugh, made us cry. Her movies daringly made some Malaysians cringe by the deliberate display of the Malaysian race differences and the realistic manner in which we live it.

Here are some of her works, of which I'm also discovering via YouTube:

I love this one:

And just discovered a second part to it:

For Singaporean Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports:

And of course, she also directed the AirAsia ad which I had to watch several hundred times in order to enter the U2 contest.

It is so sad that we never truly appreciate what we have until it's too late. She worked in the same building as KS who would ocassionally see her smoking in the car park or in the canteen. She collapsed while in a discussion with a local TV station.

Malaysians mourn her loss.

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Grace said...

Which one is the Air Asia one?