Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Bizarre Japanese Toys

I have just "discovered" Twitter and have found several interesting stuff with the folks I follow. Can't help but to share this one on crazy Japanese toys from #engrishdotcom. Check this out:

An Obama action figure! Complete with Katana! I've seen plenty of photos on Obama. This is certainly not one image I had of him until now.

Toilet training tiger! Complete with fake poo and sounds that encourages you when you go. Perfect family toy.

Robotic cockroaches anyone? This is probably good to train me to stop fearing roaches. If only live ones came in colours, didn't have hairy legs, didn't stink, didn't look so geli... aaah, if only they became extinct!

Gosh! Where can I get them?


Wait wait! There's more Obama stuff! Obama sushi! What's with the Japanese and Obama obsession?


grace said...

I'm not sure I understand. You sign up with twitter and then you see these toys? Where are they advertised?

jo said...

in twitter, you follow people, organizations etc. once they upload something, you'll see it in your home page. many will give links.

for example, TIME will say something like "This question may never be answered, but science is trying: Why do some teens make bad decisions? |"

hence i got this link on bizarre japanese toys from following engrishdotcom.

Ron said...

I think there's a small town called "Obama" in Japan and Obama did actually visit that town to the delight of the Japanese.