Thursday, July 02, 2009

They SAY They're Serious...

KS and I have been home since Tuesday because of A(H1N1) suspicion. On Monday, KS came down with a sudden flu complete with fever. He went to the normal clinic and got his medicine. I took Tuesday off just in case and in the afternoon, his colleague who sits in front of him became a confirmed case.

My CEO gave me 3 days off while we await the test results to see if KS is positive. However, it's been 3 days now and no phone call to tell us yes or no. At first, we were told the results will take 24 hours. After one day and having not received any calls, I called the Ministry of Health's hotline to enquire.

"Oh sorry Miss. We ask for your patience as there are many cases. Please wait 48 hours"

Forty eight hours later, still no news. My three days grace leave expires today.
I called again.

"You shouldn't be in quarantine! Go back to work! If your husband is a confirmed case, only then we will track you down."

And again, the excuse they gave was a backlog of many cases for the delay of the results.

Oh, by the time they actually decide to call us, I'd have infected my entire office if I do go back. If this is a damn pandemic and a serious one as the Ministry is claiming, then why aren't resources allocated to sort out the results quickly? We have been patient, sitting at home, food delivered to us or a quickly packed meal from outside but now our patience is wearing thin.

Tomorrow I have to take my own leave just to be absolutely sure it doesn't spread to my office.

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