Sunday, July 05, 2009

Joys Of Holiday Planning

For the past week, I have immersed myself with things to do in Paris (KS is in charge of London). Despite being slightly stressed over decisions like Museum pass, is it possible to visit 3 places in one day, what about walking tours, it has been fun! I like packing our holidays with things to see and do, so planning is vital.

The planning has become an adventure on its own and has become somewhat a social thing for us, unlike our other trips. Apart from planning this alone, it's really funny that almost all of our friends would have a suggestion on where to go, especially London. It's even funnier when the person making those suggestions has never even been there and says, "You really need to go to this place because I heard it is nice!"

Ron has been even more excited that we are about our trip and has helped with so many recommendations - thanks Ron! Friends get excited and wistful when they reminisce their holiday/stay in London/Paris when we tell them that we're going soon. Reading material has poured in and they've been excellent sources of information. We even had a friend who took time out from his busy schedule to help us plan our London trip over dinner - with photos of what we will see!

I appreciate that we are surrounded by great friends and it's surprising to learn that quite a lot of people we know have lived in London at some point.

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