Saturday, March 27, 2010

Extolling Our Connectivity

Being alive in this era is simply great. The internet has really helped us find and connect people whom we never knew existed (new found relatives) or friends who we have lost contact over the decades.

I’ve completed the family tree on but since it’s not very user friendly, I’m on the lookout for something less complicated. Hopefully my new found auntie is able to update more on her side of the family. With this, we hope to reconnect and meet during festivals and other celebrations.

I’ve also just reconnected with some old friends and it’s great to see how time has almost stood still for them. They still look the same and it’s great to see their families and kids now. Despite being in a different country, we can still chat and catch up with each other easily.

Anyway. Just appreciating the technology we're weaving into our lives.

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