Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Lazing in Langkawi

For our 5th wedding anniversary, KS organized a trip to Langkawi. The last time both of us were there was at least 12 years ago, when we still haven't met each other. So off we went via Firefly. This is the first time we're sitting on the low cost airline by MAS. The good thing about it is that it leaves from Subang Airport, which is such a relief compared to travelling an hour to KLIA.

The last time I flew from this airport was when I flew off to NZ back in 1995. They've spruced up the place and was recently relaunched. Check out the glittering lights on the ceiling! I must say it looks quite nice.

Now Firefly is not an airline for the weak at heart or for those with flying phobia. This was our plane. I think I only see these sort of planes in old movies and they're still operating commercially today.

Upon take-off, the plane wobbled causing me to grip the armrest and look worriedly at KS. However, the calm expression on the young air stewardess indicated that this was perfectly normal and that I'd make it alive.

The seats are designated, so you don't have to rush in and bag your seats like AirAsia, check in luggage is also a given and they actually served us some muffins and a drink for the hour flight! Impressed!

Anyway, enough about the flight, Langkawi is... still the same. The only addition is a cable car on the west side of the island which carries you right to the peak of over 700m above sea level. Also worth mentioning is that there's a Segway ride there for only RM17 for about 10 mins. We saw this in Paris at Versailles and no, it didn't cost RM17. So if you wanna try out Segway, this might be the cheapest place to try it out. We also bumped into Kin Hup's father at the cable car who was taking some foreign guests around, what a coincidence!

Other than that would be the duty free shopping, which, if you're not into drinking or smoking, is a terrible waste.

We stayed at Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort and was given a luxurious room in a chalet. It was really lovely and comfy. I read an entire book snuggled in bed that weekend. Bliss!

Each chalet accommodates about 4 rooms and they are scattered randomly. We had to call a buggy to pick us whenever we wanted to leave the room. The first day we thought we'd just walk around since it looked fairly close on the map. However, the little hills and valleys and us constantly getting lost since there were no signages left us calling the buggy thereafter.

Part of our package included an hour Balinese spa at their attached spa, Mandara. Very very nice...

We got a little addicted so we tried out another spa in Kuah town, Wu Senses. While Wu Senses was good, we felt a little bit exposed as we had to totally strip without any disposable underwear. So, this place is not for the shy. Either that or it was because we took the body scrub package. But still, I've been to one which did a body scrub with a disposable.

Oh, while waiting for our room to be ready, we went to one of their restaurants and had this Malaysia Pizza. When it came, it looked like a glorified karipap. And the filling was of curry chicken and potatoes. So yeah, a glorified (and pricey!) curry puff. Still, it met our immediate hunger.

For this trip, I'm so proud of KS for organizing everything. It was a relaxing weekend, comfy room unlike the backpackers we always stay in when we travel. His only request was that I was not to ask how much it cost since I like to find travel bargains. Thanks, honey! *muah*


Kau Sern said...

*muah**muah**muah* back :)

Ron said...

that karipap looks enormous! or is it the angle of the camera??

jo said...

the karipap is actually a pizza so yeah, it's huge.