Saturday, March 06, 2010

Gadget Test!

Okay, so I'm most likely not the best person to do a gadget review since I know nuts about this Nexus phone. It's the first time I've heard of an Android (and still don't know what it means!) plus I've never used a touch screen before so the transition isn't easy. But I've been loaned a unit to test it out and here are my views so far.

Firstly, I find that the screen is not so receptive. I have to press fairly firmly and with a certain timing to ensure the selection is made. It's especially difficult when I'm using one hand (while waiting at traffic lights).

The keyboard took getting used to (and I realise typing two finger on a qwerty keyboard is not easy since I'm a touch typist. I never know where the alphabets are!) but I think I'm getting there.

Then, I can't seem to find the applications. With iPhone it was so much easier to download on the Apps Store. Somehow, despite a Sim card with internet connection enabled, I wasn't even able to go into my Gmail. Oh well, maybe I just don't know how to set it up properly.

The sound and camera cannot match my Sony Ericsson. Sorry. Would I buy this? No. I'm just not tech savvy enough. But given the choice, I'd go for an iPhone or back to a Sony Ericsson if my existing one dies :)

Still, this phone has that cool factor and I'm going to be totally girl and say I like the cover with the cute robot design. Uh oh, I don't think I'll get another gadget with this kind of review!


Grace & Matt said...

Did someone at work ask you to review this?

Kelvin said...

Hey Jo, Just a couple of quick comments. The Android is the name of the OS that Google has released for their phone platform. Here are some of my thoughts on the Android in general:

It's weird that you have to press fairly firmly on the screen. Did it have a screen protector on? You should be able to press pretty lightly for the keyboard to work.

There is an app store equivalent for the Android; it's called the Marketplace. From that perspective, it works very similarly to the iPhone.

You would have been prompted to put in your Gmail username and password when you turned on the phone for the first time.

Which Sony Ericsson do you have? I'm curious to do a photo comparison.

And, no, you're not totally a girl for liking the robot. I love the robot too. It's cute and playful. I think that's the brand that they're going for.


Wendy said...

You need to go to your gmail account and enable it to be sync-ed to your phone before you can tap on the gmail icon on the phone. :)

A lot of free apps for android (just like any other google stuff) from Marketplace.

Sometimes, when I have too many fingerprints on the screen, it takes a while for it to load something. Or when I go 'gila' and keep pressing on so many other 'tabs' then nothing comes out. I guess it's just like trying to do too many things on the PC at one go and the PC hangs.